Unified Communications

Our focus is to provide Day 2 Support for multi-vendor
enterprise telephone and unified communication
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Data Center

Go Green!!! With our Specialized Integration and
Management Services on Next Generation
Data Center Technologies
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Virtualization Services

unleash the Power of Virtualization
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Welcome to GlobalXperts

Our engineering support staff is experienced with and knowledgeable of the leading enterprise and internetworking technology solutions available in the marketplace.

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GlobalXperts is a global information and communications technology company with an impeccable record for providing comprehensive, integrated Managed Services and Professional Services and excelling in Network Infrastructure Management Services (Voice, Data & Video) and other IT Infrastructure Services (End User Computing, Applications, Storage and Virtualization).


Services Overview

Our professional services can be as large or as small as the customer need is for augmenting their workforce requirements. GlobalXperts has experienced professional services and managed services teams supporting both SMB and Enterprise markets.

Network Support

Nowadays virtually all forward looking companies have moved to or are planning to move to an IP-based network platform and use high speed internet on a daily basis as part of their enterprise information technology solution.

Professional Services

Our engineers can successfully manage projects of varying scope, from a small-scale software application to a large enterprise national rollout. Our technical team works with your IT staff to ensure that the solution meets or exceeds business objectives.

Technology Services

Consulting Adoption of new technology, evaluate current environment, identify and assess new technologies, design engineering; for instance site surveys, network audit/health check, develop BoM/SOW


Unified Communications


Data Center

Go Green


Power of Virtualization




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The comments of some of our customers 100% satisfied with the tinished Projects ma and high quality and on time